1. Shaking Culotte Steak $16 : wok'd green beans, roasted onions, heirloom tomatoes, quinoa, herb salad

2. Seared Steelhead Fillet $18 : red coconut curry sauce, cashews, baby greens, savory basil custard

3. Smoked Chinese Duck Breast $13 : green scallions, shaved radish, heirloom tomatoes, 5 spice hoisin, fresh corn johnny cakes 


1. Strawberry Basil Shrubbed Mule

2. Oregon Blackberry Shrubbed Mojito

3. Guava Nectar Flavor Station Marg

4. King Kong : Cachaca, banana liqueur, fresh pineapple juice, Coco Lopez creme of coconut

Asian fusion in the Aji concept means a mixing of flavors from all the different asian cuisines. After the mixing of these flavors, we make our dishes in an american/modernistic flair. 

Aji Tram, Oregon's brand new culinary experience, is a mix of flavors from various different Asian cuisines. Blending the tastes of different cultures together has resulted in our execution of a deliciously contemporary Asian fusion menu with an new-age American twist.

At Aji Tram, our vibrant and modern restaurant reflects our craft recipes. Both our flavors and decor are bright and deliberate, transforming your experience at Aji Tram with each bite. Try our Ground Pork and Brussels Sprout Larb, featuring ground pork, panko, rice and a sunny side up egg on top for the perfect combination of savory tastes. For the lighter side, our Tempura Prawns or beautiful Fresh Roll with fresh garden grown vegetables will be just what you're looking for. 

Let your curiosity take you and adventure with a taste of Asian fusion cuisine.



Owner- Eric Mann

Head Chef- Santino Monteblanco

General Manager- Adam Garside

Bar Manager- Brody Ashenfelter